Learn About Lighting From Parans

Have you ever wondered how you can get in more sunlight into your building? Parans has come up with a way. Using thin fibre optic cables, sunlight can get deep into buildings, giving you a maximum light experience. Parans is also a part of the Sweden Green Building Council that aims to ensure sustainability.

How it Works

Parans Solar lighting uses modern technology and design that captures rays and leads it deep inside the building in areas far away of the window. This ensures proper lighting throughout and leaves a memorable experience.

Benefits of Parans Solar Lighting

Natural light has a maximum effect on our health. People perform better and feel better where natural light is present in indoor spaces. Moreover, learning capacity increases. This is due to the release of hormones, that keep us awake during the day and allows us to sleep at night, by our bodies. Furthermore, use of natural lights means less need for electricity. Therefore, energy is saved.


The use of sunlight as a source of light is a smart, healthy and sustainable way option. What’s more, Parans works together with architects, property owners to ensure that it works using this innovative technology.

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